Real Projects Coordinator

Real Projects

Work Full-Time Hybrid Macedonia

About the job

The (dream) team responsible for all of Brainsters innovative mind-blowing projects & off the charts employment numbers is looking for a new team-mate!

We are looking for an easily adaptable problem solver with a super creative mindset and a way with words who can help our students evolve into high-skilled professionals ready for work work work. Our team is ready for a new player excited to get obsessed with our students!

About The Team

Firstly, we are here to ensure that our students will have the best hands-on experience, working on real projects and collaborating with partner companies while they are studying. So, teaming up students with companies to work on innovative projects. This helps make them ready for the hiring process later on with our partners.

Secondly, we are the team that helps the students land their dream job through our connections and job opportunities from company partners. We see every new hire as a team celebration, we believe in the potential in our students and that is exactly what drives us to push them forward.


  • Keeping touch with our partners for real projects – our partners for real projects are essential for our students’ experience, you will be their first point of contact and the one responsible for their experience with our co-innovation program.
  • Implementation & organization of all real projects – all Brainster Academies work on real projects during their studies, you will be the one responsible for implementation & organization of all these projects for all of Brainster’s 10 academies.
  • Evaluation & Improvement – This role involves project evaluation for all implemented projects, from the viewpoint of clients, instructors & students. Furthermore, learning from what was done good and what could be improved (p.s we want to be 1% better each day).
  • Ensuring that all of Brainster’s academies and Brainster Next’s bachelor programs are 100% covered with practical projects as part of the programs.
  • Measure the quality of the student’s practical work in accordance with the project’s problem statement, as well as clients’ requirements.
  • Create and schedule real projects agenda and logistics in coordination with the Program Operations & Development team and mentors.
  • Ensure projects are suitable and appropriate for the academy and college programs and they are supporting the employability factors for the students.
  • Solicit feedback from clients and work toward improving the operational processes pertaining to the organization and implementation of real projects.
  • Maintain and cultivate relationships with our client portfolio.
  • Collaborate with the Marketing team to promote content to further promote the first-hand practical experience of the students and clients. 


  • 1+ years relevant experience. Experience with managing accounts would be a nice plus
  • Experience and understanding how to do thorough market research
  • Attention to detail – all details regarding the projects’ organization need to be precisely and timely communicated and double checked with students, instructors and clients
  • Creativity is a must! – in order to organize all projects you must have a creative & outside of the box mindset
  • Exhibit exceptional organizational skills, capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously and coordinating various tasks with efficiency.
  • Display strong prioritization and problem-solving abilities, ensuring timely execution of tasks and resolutions to challenges.
  • Exhibit a keen sense of anticipation for customer needs, proactively taking action to meet their expectations.
  • Embrace feedback and collaboration, displaying a commitment to transparent communication and cooperative efforts.
  • Possess proficiency in using technology and systems, particularly with Google Suite.
  • Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills, effectively conveying information and ideas.
  • Show keen attention to detail, ensuring precision and accuracy in all tasks and communication.
  • Navigate dynamic, fast-paced environments with ease and exhibit a remarkable ability to devise solutions to complex challenges.
  • Quick learner with the capacity to grasp new processes rapidly and accurately.
  • Maintain a positive and professional demeanor, fostering a conducive and respectful work atmosphere.


While meeting all the requirements listed above is advantageous, we value diverse perspectives and recognize that a perfect match may not fit all criteria. If you believe you possess the core qualities and skills essential for excelling in this position, we encourage you to reach out and share why you feel you are an ideal fit for our team. We are open to considering exceptional candidates who can bring unique strengths and perspectives to our organization, and we look forward to connecting with you.