Student Experience Specialist (Brainster Academies)

Student Experience Specialist (Brainster Academies)

Work Full-Time Hybrid Macedonia

About the job

At Brainster, we prioritize the Student Success Team as the face of our organization from our students’ perspective. As a Student Experience Specialist, you will be the primary contact for our students, ensuring their satisfaction throughout their learning journey. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled experience for both students and instructors, and we are in search of an individual who embodies a proactive and people-oriented approach, adept at problem-solving, generalist by nature and with the ability to envision the big picture, to elevate the learning journey we offer.

The role of the Student Experience Specialist is to ensure that students not only have the tools and resources necessary to be successful at Brainster, but they also have guidance, support, and community feel throughout the learning journey of the whole Academy program. From the start of the preparational program and pre-academy orientation, throughout the academy and up to his/her career preparations at the end, the Student Experience Specialist will be the main go-to person for all needs and challenges of each student.

The Student Experience Specialist is an expert in student operations and delivery, working cross-functionally with different teams to represent the voice of the student. This role is a balance of executing student experience strategy, reviewing and analyzing student feedback, monitoring performance, and enacting support measures where appropriate in partnership with S-XP (Student Experience) Team Lead, P-Ops (Program Operations & Development Specialist), iHR (HR for Instructors), Partnerships team, and the instructors themselves, and serving as the main point of contact for students outside the classroom.


  • Create and deliver materials in a timely manner to onboard all incoming students to in-class tools and resources (welcome emails, onboarding on our educational platform BrainsterLEARN, invite/channel setup, etc.).
  • Organize and facilitate orientation weeks on the Academies
  • Track student pre-work data during their prep program, ensuring students meet 100% completion standards prior to the start of class.
  • Monitor communication ensuring all students’ inquiries are responded to.
  • Develop and execute the local strategy for student-facing events
  • Organize, facilitate and follow up meetings with student groups 
  • Facilitate 1 on 1 meetings with students
  • Represent the voice of the student, owning cross-functional communication and collaboration across teams.
  • Track student progress against graduation requirements, monitoring and coordinating interventions to address red flags.
  • Track the performance of the instructors, based on students’ feedback and work with the iHR (HR for Instructors) to address any shortcomings, issues as well as bad student feedback.
  • Handling tickets through the ticketing system on BrainsterLEARN (mostly opened when bad student feedback is received)
  • Review both qualitative and quantitative student data to identify trends in the learner experience
  • Analyze trends regarding submission rates of homeworks and projects, create and execute action plans with corrective and preventive actions based on the submission rates 
  • Mediate and manage student withdrawal requests, tracking/reporting, and retention strategy.
  • Execute student off-boarding communications.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of all Brainster Education Product lines in order to best serve the student community.
  • Additional tasks as required to support the Student Success team, the Marketing team, the Admission team and the Partnerships team.
  • Take active parts in projects, initiatives and continuous improvement efforts to optimize processes and workflows, and maximize value toward our students and our business.


  • 2-3+ years of prior work experience in customer success or teaching.
  • Demonstrate proven expertise in people management and/or coaching, with a track record of effectively supporting and guiding individuals.
  • Exhibit exceptional organizational skills, capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously and coordinating various tasks with efficiency.
  • Display strong prioritization and problem-solving abilities, ensuring timely execution of tasks and resolutions to challenges.
  • Exhibit a keen sense of anticipation for customer needs, proactively taking action to meet their expectations.
  • Thrive in an environment of ambiguity and adaptability, maintaining composure and effectiveness under pressure and last-minute changes.
  • Embrace feedback and collaboration, displaying a commitment to transparent communication and cooperative efforts.
  • Possess proficiency in using technology and systems, particularly with Google Suite.
  • Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills, effectively conveying information and ideas.
  • Show keen attention to detail, ensuring precision and accuracy in all tasks and communication.
  • Navigate dynamic, fast-paced environments with ease and exhibit a remarkable ability to devise solutions to complex challenges.
  • Quick learner with the capacity to grasp new processes rapidly and accurately.
  • Maintain a positive and professional demeanor, fostering a conducive and respectful work atmosphere.


While meeting all the requirements listed above is advantageous, we value diverse perspectives and recognize that a perfect match may not fit all criteria. If you believe you possess the core qualities and skills essential for excelling in this position, we encourage you to reach out and share why you feel you are an ideal fit for our team. We are open to considering exceptional candidates who can bring unique strengths and perspectives to our organization, and we look forward to connecting with you.